Monday, June 11, 2012

Anne Frank and Easy Bread Pizza

The Books

Big Sis read "Who was Anne Frank ?" this week.
Author: Ann Abramson Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
You can buy it from Amazon

We had talked about Anne Frank before but she did not know much about her. This book which I found in a "Who was"series at Barnes & Nobel seemed to do that task very easily. She not only got to know about Anne Frank but also about the Holocaust. She was also very impressed with Anne Frank's spunk. The book is simple, with plenty of sketches, concise and gets the point across in a simple manner. It is intended for & and up and I think it is the right book to start on before the child goes on to read Anne Frank's diary

 To follow this up BS also read an interview with Miep Gies, the lady who helped Anne's family when they were in hiding and Hanneli, Anne's friend at the Scholastic Web Site

She wants to read the diary now which I guess we will do in 4th grade and also visit the secret annex in Amsterdam

The other book she read this week was "Ramona and her Father".
Author: Beverly Clearly.

The Ramona series is a big hit with her and also me. I love Ramona and her family and often look upon the Quimby household for parenting wisdom. BS loves both Ramona and Beezus and has read almost every book in this series.



The Food

BS makes a very good Bread Pizza and it is loved by all of us.

To make Bread Pizza

1. Take a slice of Brown Bread

2. Smear with Pasta Sauce or Ketchup

3. Sprinkle cheese liberally. What she loves is the Kraft Singles shredded roughly.

4. Microwave for 20-25 seconds until cheese melts.

5. Wait and take it out only when it its cooler.

6. Eat


  1. Really enjoyed your first post Bong Mom and BS! Keep the posts coming!
    BS, Your pizza sounds really yummy! I shall try the pizza for my boys. I am sure they will love it!

  2. Well done BS!!!

    the pizza sounds yummy....Little T here loves to add some ham and tomatoes on her cheesy toast (that's what she calls it) and her mommy puts it under the grill for a few seconds :)

  3. Nice initiative by both of YOU..hugs to you and BS..