Monday, January 21, 2013

Dal Rice

Today's lunch was super boring. But I am posting since that is what I had promised to do for this month. Lunch was rice, dal, some crunchy sev like thing and  a banana and ferrero rocher for snack.

Though lunch was boring and BS said the dal rice had lost taste the books read recently were interesting.

BS read her first book in the series 39 Clues and seemed to enjoy it.

We read Brahma's Butterfly for LS and she loved it immensely. This book is from Tulika and was a gift for the kids from  Sra.


  1. Hi, I follow your other blog for recipes and this one for meal ideas, yes, but more for book recommendations for kids. I got 'children like me' from library for my 9 yr old and liked it more than her. She started reading 'Diary Of Anne Frank' but left midway, after learning how she died,said reading the diary kept reminding her of that; Maybe later sometime when she's mature enough;my 5 yr old just reads anything he can actually read and his hero is Horrid Henry! I am just pleased he is reading! and sincerely hope and pray for his taste in literature. I myself noticed about Guernsey potato peel pie and literary society being mentioned here and there but got it from library only after reading about it in your blog. And now that i am halfway through, i don't want it to end :-) What are you reading now? I just got Wolf Hall that i reserved in library and quite excited about it since I am a sucker for historical novels though seriously believe no one can beat Sharadindu Bandopadhyay in that dept. Also, my daughter has started to write a blog, please have a look if and when possible.

  2. Thanks. So happy to hear that your kids are great readers.

    I recently read Room and Oleander Girl. Will check your daughter's blog soon.

  3. oh yes, I enjoyed reading Chitra Banerjee D's Sister of my Heart and Arranged marriage; I started reading Vine of desire but left it midway as there was a bit about miscarriage and I was pregnant for the first time then and got scared :-).
    Also, am getting ideas for kids's packed lunches from your blog, one thing I want to share, amar meye ( 9yrs) desi food( parota-sobji, dosa etc) barite khete bhalobase kintu lunch-e diley ferot aney, amar mone hoy asowasti hoy bondhu-der samne khete, alada kore na diye wrap korey dile kheye nay.