Tuesday, January 8, 2013

School Lunch and a Clementine

Today was School Lunch day. BS usually does not like meat much and so most school lunches are a no no for her. She picks a few though and today's is one such. She even enjoyed it she said. For her morning snack she carried a clementine.

School lunches in our school district are $2.10 and looks pretty good to me so far.

Tell me about your school going child's school lunch program. Also tell me where this school is and the cost of the meal, if any

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  1. Nice and useful blog San, will help me immensely with my lil one's school lunch. Right now I have to send lunch in at her nursery but Sept onwards she will have lunch at her future school. She is very clear that she wants rice or pasta and it has to be warm, and no spice at all!!

    Do you want to know the cost of school lunches on this side of the Atlantic? ;)