Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roti Quesadillas

Today BS's lunch was Roti Quesadillas, Juice, Banana for snack and left over Orange kheer for dessert. Auntie was very nice to make roti in the morning. With cheddar cheese in between the rotis, they were lightly pressed on the griddle to make the roti quesadillas. The dessert was not finished at school.

This week from the library sale I got the first book of the Narnia series for only a quarter. The book is called "The Magician's Nephew". BS is almost done with it and admitted she liked it. Now on lookout for the other books at the book sale.

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  1. Thanks for this new blog. I am always out of new lunch idea for my little one. This will be very helpful for moms like me